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Monolithic Power Semiconductor (MPS)

MPSstarted with a vision. Michael Hsing, pioneering engineer and CEO, founded Monolithic Power Systems, Inc. in 1997 with the belief that an entire power system could be integrated onto a single chip. Under his leadership, MPS has succeeded not only in developing a monolithic power module that truly integrates an entire power system in a single package, but also it continues to defy industry expectations with its patented groundbreaking technologies.

MPS innovative proprietary technology processes, we thrive on re-imagining and re-defining the possibilities of high-performance power solutions in industrial applications, telecom infrastructures, cloud computing, automotive, and consumer applications.



WeEn Semiconductors Co., Ltd

WeEn Semiconductors Co., Ltd, is the global joint venture between NXP Semiconductors N.V. and Beijing JianGuang Asset Management Co. Ltd (JAC Capital). WeEn Semiconductors was officially opened on 19th January, 2016 with the business and operations center located in Shanghai, China.

WeEn Semiconductors is registered at Nanchang city which is the capital city of Jiangxi province, China. It fully owns subsidiaries and branches in Jilin city for bipolar production, in Shanghai and the United Kingdom for R&D and production support, in Hong Kong for Sales activities, and in many other countries for sales and customer services, respectively.

As a key player in the semiconductors industry, WeEn combines the advanced bipolar power technology and the strong resource of JAC Capital in Chinese manufacturing industry and distribution channels, to focus on developing a complete portfolio of industry-leading bipolar power products including silicon controlled rectifiers, power diodes, high voltage transistors, silicon carbide which are widely used in the automotive, telecommunications, computers and consumer electronics, intelligent home appliances, lighting, and power management markets. The aim is to help the customers achieve higher cost-efficiency and production efficiency and to contribute to the development of China and global intelligent manufacturing.


HTC Korea

HTC was incorporated in 2000 with aim of becoming the world leader in Power Management IC industry. The brand name “HTC Korea” was created by TAEJIN Technology to meet customer’s goal by using highly diversified R&D technology.

HTC Korea is well-known for its high-quality products in the Asian market and targets three major sectors: Communication, Consumer, and Computer.

HTC Korea has been promoting its products in cooperation with world-wide sales partners in China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and India.

HTC Korea operates through quality policy which is authenticated by Korea’s ISO 9001, and observes corporate ethics and environmental responsibility. All HTC products are manufactured under the system authenticated by ISO14001, and are complied with RoHS directives.



Futaba Corporation

Futaba was founded in 1948, just after World War II, to manufacture and sell vacuum tubes.

As technology has evolved, we have expanded our product lineup to meet the advanced demands of a wide range of fields. It now includes: Vacuum Fluorescent Displays (VFD) and Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) Displays, touch sensors, radio control equipment for industrial and hobby use). It also features, machinery and tools for dies and molds (such as mold bases, plate products and mold streamlining equipment).

Typical products
• Vacuum Fluorescent Displays (VFDs),
• OLED Displays,
• Touch Sensors,
• Electronic Modules,
• Radio Control Equipments for Industrial Use,
• Radio Control Equipments for Hobby Use,


KEL Corporation

What do you think of when you hear the word “connector”?

Most of you would probably think of a USB or LAN terminal or similiar.
KEL mainly handles connectors used for connections within devices.
They provide behind-the-scenes support in your life, so to speak
In this world, there are many leading figures that provide support behind the
scenes. KEL’s connectors are one of them.



SHINDNEGEN was found in 1949, its business has centered on power electronics, which has been represenedted in power semiconductors, switching power supplier and car electronics device.SHINDENGEN is one of the few manufactuers in the world that carries three difference core expertise for power electronics, semiconductor proesss technology, power supply circuit techonolgy, and module technology.


uPI Semiconductor Corp.

uPI Semiconductor Corp., founded in 2005, is an IC design house designs and manufactures analog and mixed-signal power management solutions in electronic systems.

uPI Group is later associated in 2008, when UBIQ Semiconductor Corp. was founded for Power MOSFET and TVS solutions. Utilizing semiconductor designs and system application know-how, uPI Group positioned itself as a solution provider for hybrid and high power density semiconductor products in computing, gaming, and mobility markets, as well as proprietary solutions in automotive and industrial applications.

Our vision is to offer customers the total power management solutions of superior quality, performance, service, and cost. With more than 20 years of analog power and discrete device experiences, we offer high performance design services with full technology coverage and process development capability. Excellent wafer processing and deep packaging know-hows come standard by working closely with strategic foundries and assembly & testing partners.


SIMCom Wireless Solution Limited

SIMCom Wireless Solutions Limited is global leading Machine-to-Machine (M2M) wireless modules and solutions supplier, Since established in 2002, SIMCom has been fully committed to provide a variety of wireless technology platform modules and terminal level solutions around the world, such as 5G, C-V2X, LPWA, LTE-A, Smart Module, LTE, WCDMA/HSPA(+), GSM/GPRS and GNSS Modules. According to the latest M2M report by ABI Research Inc., a leading U.S. market research company, SIMCom has led the world in wireless communication module sales for four consecutive years.

Leading the 5G race to create a new era of 5G+AIoT

Network spread across six continents


Fremont Micro Devices Limited

FMD Founded in 2005 by Silicon Valley veterans, Fremont Micro Devices moved its headquarter to Shenzhen in 2006 and now have offices in Hong Kong, Zhongshan and Xian. It is a fabless design house specializing in Non-Volatile Memory (NVM), mixed signal design, high end analog circuits, high voltage power management.

Product lines:

FMD ranks among the top manufacturers in all three areas.



Semihow is a semiconductor company from Korea, established in 2002, over 10 years experience on MOSFET design and research. Owe to the good quality and competitive price, lots of power customer adopt to Semihow product


Nanjing Micro One Electronics Inc.

Nanjing Micro One Electronics Inc. was founded in 1999 and is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research, development and sales of ASIC chip. Our products are widely used in information appliances, wireless communication, digital communication and network technology. As the main IC design company under the China Electronics(CEC), Microne has obtained the country´s first batch of “integrated circuit design companies” certification, and has been recognized certified as provincial and municipal “high-tech enterprises”. It is worth mentioning that Huada Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is our largest shareholder at present,   always providing high-quality platforms and abundant resources for the development of enterprises.

Microne is committed to the development of power management products, including LDO series, DC/DC series, LED DRIVER, AC/DC series, lithium power management, voltage detection series, digital hybrid series, audio amplifier IC series, etc.. It also provides high quality and stable power supply solutions for the main chip and related devices of electronic equipment.


PixArt Imaging Inc

PixArt Imaging Inc., headquartered in Hsinchu Taiwan, is established in July 1998. They specialize in CMOS imaging sensing technology and navigation related integrated chip designs, and offer a broad selection of sensor products and services to support today’s complex human-machine interface designs. Today, their offices scattered across Silicon Valley, Malaysia, China, Japan, Korea and Denmark and is endeavored to provide efficient and targeted support for our worldwide customers.

PixArt is expertized in CMOS image sensors (CIS), capacitive touch controllers and related imaging applications. With our extensive experiences in mixed-signal image processing design and systems development, we are devoted in the development of novel technologies to bridge the human-machine interface barrier. In order to meet specific customer product requirements, we also provide customized ASICs design services in addition to sensor chip designs.


Macronix International Co., Ltd

Macronix, a leading integrated device manufacturer in the Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) market, provides a full range of NOR Flash, NAND Flash, and ROM products.

Macronix was established in 1989 in the Science Park, Hsinchu, Taiwan. Since its inception.

Macronix is dedicated to developing top-notch home-grown technologies and improving its manufacturing capability to offer its customers high quality products and services

Macronix is one of the very few suppliers offering a wide range of Serial NOR Flash products from 512Kbit to 2Gbit densities. We also provide Flash products with extremely small packages and very thin packages for space-constrained applications to meet the market trend.

Macronix owns one 12-inch wafer fab (Fab 5), one 8-inch wafer fab (Fab 2) and one 6-inch wafer fab (Fab 1).


PANJIT International Inc.

PANJIT is a public company founded in May 1986. We are a semi-conductor manufacturer, and have IATF-16949,ESD S20.20,ISO-9001,ISO-14001,ISO-45001 certifications etc..PANJIT is vertically integrated with IDM design capability, own wafer foundries and state-of-art production lines. With insight observation and core technologies, PANJIT is able to continuously launch low profile products and accurate power rating devices which conforms to the customer needs.

PANJIT commits to serve customers with the best service, thus we have established sales offices worldwide. We have sites in North America, Germany, Korea and China which allows us to provide better and prompt service.


Shanghai Belling Microelectronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Belling Microelectronics Manufacturing Co., Ltd., was jointly established in 1988 by Shanghai Instrument Bureau and Shanghai Bell Co., Ltd.

It is the first Sino-foreign joint venture in the IC industry of China. After the restructuring and listing in August 1998, it changed its name to Shanghai Belling Co., Ltd. and became the first listed company in China’s IC industry

The Company was certified as an IC design company in 2008 and started to provide analog and hybrid digital-analog ICs and system solutions. At present, the Company’s IC product business covers five major product areas, namely metering and SoC, power management, general-purpose analog, non-volatile memory, and high-speed and high-accuracy ADCs. The main target markets are those needing various industrial and consumer electronics such as electricity meters, mobile phones, LCD TVs, flat panel displays, and set-top boxes.



Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation

Nippon Chemi-Con Since its establishment in 1931, Nippon Chemi-Con has tackled the development of a variety of electronic components, starting with aluminum electrolytic capacitors include  Manufacturing and sales of aluminum and other capacitors /Manufacturing and sales of various precision mechanical components/Manufacturing and sales of various electronics equipment

As a supporter of this advanced electronic industry, we are very pleased to have contributed to its development. Nippon Chemi-Con will continue to use the development of small electronic components to address the challenge of creating a bright future and Sales Revenue in 2021 is around  140,316 Million Yen.

ARK Semiconductor Corp. Ltd.

ARK Semiconductor Corp. Ltd. is experienced in power semiconductor industry for over 20 years and cover full functions of expertises, including system architecturers & RD, technical marketing, device and silicon R&D, Package/module R&D, quality & system engineering, and operations. The team used to work with World leaders who are the most demanding in performance of high density power systems / applications and delivered solutions successfully.

Following with the market trend of electronic applications, high density power requirement is getting much more demanding and tough to fulfill, they commit to invest, innovate, research/develop fundamental technologies in power devices, package/module engineering, quality engineering and system topology to polish a extreme pure power solution. 


ARTERY Technology

ARTERY Technology is a professional creator and maker of 32-bit MCU founded in 2016, with branch offices in Chongqing, Shenzhen, Suzhou, Shanghai and Taiwan specialized in R&D, sales and technical service support. Since its establishment, ARTERY has been devoted to the innovation-driven development of 32-bit microcontrollers powered by ARM® Cortex®-M4/M0+ across the globe. With best-in-class technology, complete silicon IPs and excellent integration features, ARTERY MCU family adopting advanced 55nm process and ARM® Cortex®-M4/M0+ core will continue to bring greater user experience in terms of competitiveness and outstanding performance in the future.

ARTERY products and solutions involved in a wide range of applications such as micro printer, sweeping robot, optical flow drone, laser radar, industrial sewing machine, Servo-drive, gaming, circuit breakers, ADAS, T-BOX, digital power and electric implements, covering 5G, Internet of Things, consumer electronics, business and industrial control. Looking ahead, ARTERY will stay committed to the research and development of more efficient MCUs, continue to expand cooperation with qualified third-party platforms to promote the optimization and upgrade of MCU solutions, and make significant contributions to the building of the world-class ecosystem.